Design/Bid Option

The oldest way of completing remodeling projects is the Competitive Bid approach where the homeowner first selects an architect/designer to complete the design process and then asks several builders to bid on constructing those plans. While Diversified Builders is happy to work with plans from architects/designers, I encourage you to explore the other options for remodeling, as I feel they have significant benefits for most homeowners. See Below for more information on Competitive Bidding.

Design/Build Option

The Design/Build approach to remodeling focuses the responsibility of the project to Diversified Builders for everything from concept to completion. We work together to find the right architect/designer for your project. As the project owner you wonít have to contract separately with an architect and the builder. You will have the peace of mind of a single point of responsibility for your entire project. This helps avoid putting the client in a position between the architect and the builder. This process allows us to develop the project scope of work and budget one step at a time, rather than the client paying full price for design, only to find out the budget is out of reach.

Design/Assist Option

The Design/Assist approach incorporates some of the benefits of Design/Build remodeling, but differs because the architect/designer works for the client. Here, as in the Design/Build approach, Diversified Builders works with the architect/designer during the design phase of your project to ensure that the designs produced are buildable within your budget, and sometimes offer structural and technical suggestions to help you get more from your project.

Whichever approach you think will work best for your project, you can rest assured that when you work with Diversified Builders you get value, quality, and a company you can trust.

"Competitive bids are just that! If I shave the labor or materials to get your job, is that the house that you really want? There are hundreds of ways to lower the price of a building, which often lower the quality and workmanship also. The best drawings and specifications donít protect you from poor building practices."

- The Well Built House, PG. 23

This quote sums up our feelings very well. There are many ways to cut corners and create a low price. Competitive cost bidding rewards the lowest price and offers little incentive for doing the best job. In fact, it discourages a well-detailed estimate as well as hinders the contractorís ability to offer a premier service during one of the most stressful times in the owner's life. Do you really want your contractor always trying to find the cheapest way to do things after he has been awarded the contract? We prefer to do things the "best" way. To us, that is the best combination of price and performance.

Honesty, integrity, on-time performance, organization, and communication are some of the virtues that will be remembered long after the project is completed. These are also the things that you will get when you select Diversified Builders.

The things that set us apart and assure you the best remodeling experience:

  • Diversified Builders provides a detailed cost estimate with specific, written description of all work to be performed. A schedule is also provided that shows the daily activity for the duration of the project.

  • Diversified Builders has ongoing communication with the Homeowner to review work and address issues as they come up.

  • Diversified Builders is answerable to the owner on a daily basis, and the Homeowner is provided the company's cell phone number.

  • Diversified Builders returns phone calls, emails and text messages promptly and address issues for our customers in a timely fashion.

  • Diversified Builders broom sweeps and organizes your job on a daily basis.

  • Diversified Builders promptly disposes of all debris in an appropriate manner. We conscientiously recycle whenever possible.

  • Diversified Builders pre-qualifies all our sub-contractors. This means we have years of experience with our sub-contractors.

Make your remodeling experience a positive one.

Select Diversified Builders!